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Welcome to Day Trading Secrets. We present an eclectic mix of TradeStation® back-tested Day Trading Systems, capturing trends, counter trend and mechanically scalping index futures.

Day Trading Secrets, also reviews patterns which are better captured with the human imagination. The imagination can better integrate research results from proven trading systems and patterns to improvise optimal trades.

Finally, Day Trading Secrets also believes one can creep up to a useful trader's mindset via software simulation and a profitable trading method. May the links form a useful guide to the trader and no longer remain day trading secrets !

Day Trading Scalping System
A Tradestation day trading scalping system, exploits retracement in a trend for scalping. <b>Features a robust index futures scalping system.</b>
Day Trading Pattern Trading
Day trading pattern trading for intraday and position trading. <b>Features pattern trading and manual pattern recognition.</b>
TradeStation 2000i
TradeStation 2000i, the award winning real-time platform for serious traders.
KLSE Stock Scanning
KLSE Stock Scanning for RAMPED stocks in thin markets
Ticki Trading
Ticki Trading uses the DOW JONES ticki as a trend or even counter trend indicator dependant on market context. Powerful information for scalpers.
TICK Indicator Trading System
Trading the TICK Indicator and TICK Intraday Systems
Turtle Trading
The turtle trading trend following trading system, fully disclosed.
TradeStation 2000i Reseller Resellers TradeStation Trading Systems
TradeStation 2000i Reseller and TradeStation Trading Systems
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Day Trading Scalping System - Crawler Performance
A TradeStation Day Trading Scalping System performance summary.
Day Trading System Hang Seng
Tradestation day trading system Hang Seng. Profit factor > 1.8, Accuracy 47%, Win/Loss ratio > 2.0. HKD250 slippage and commission.
Day Trading System Emini Siesta
Tradestation day trading system for the emini S&P contract. Profit factor > 2.0. Accuracy 64%. Win/Loss Ratio 1.13
Reminiscences of a stock operator. <b>Learn why</b> it is incumbent on a stock operator to get the price of a stock as high as possible. <b>Learn how</b> a stock operator does it.
Day trading equanimity
Day trading equanimity. The ultimate perpective is no day trading secret.
Market Texture
What of the information that occurs at the tick level? The information that occurs within the bars?
Free Day Trading Tips
Free day trading tips to save money and avoid being a day trading dummy.
Futures Day Trading Links
Futures day trading links to sites and directories to save you time.
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