Turtle Trading Trend Following System

Richard Dennis, trend following trading system which he gave to his "turtles" is fully disclosed and available for free. Click right here.

If you do not know this story than you really owe it to yourself to check it out at this link to the OriginalTurtles website. .

The turtle's did phenomenally well using the trend following trading system taught by Richard Dennis. They were funded by Richard Dennis. You should however understand that trading the Turtle's system requires monitoring and entering multiple futures markets. It is an extreme example of a trend following system, prone to large draw downs.

The money management system also requires considerable funding. I believe the turtles got between 1 and 2 million!

The system takes considerable character to follow and to apply, much more than it takes to trade the CRAWLER day trading scalping system. Think of CRAWLER as the baby pool.

The logic of the basic Turtle trading system is unassailable. Why would prices rise above the highest high or below the lowest low of the past (say) 20 days, unless there was some unusual shift in the supply/demand for that commodity?

From such a basic truth, the turtles made a lot of money, spreading their risk across different markets AND having the character to stick with the long trend.

While I personally could never trade the turtle system, I did adapt it to a stock trading method which worked every year from 1993 to 2004 (except 1997) in my home market. Together with the CRAWLER day trading scalping system, I developed firm mental references that profitable trading is possible.

The Turtle System is an extreme example of trend trading. It requires trading in a basket of commodities to be successful. Care is taken that each position carries the same risk. If positions are taken in correlated markets, the total position maybe cut-back.

See our day trading system for a Hang Seng, which is a day trading trend following system, not quite so extreme as the Turtles method.