Day Trading Equanimity

Funny how the most essential things are always considered last.

In the last 12 months, I have known a man who suddenly died of a heart attack and watched another man die of cancer. They were wealthier than most people will ever be.

Now I am watching others close to me, whither away, their bodies quavering, failing.

No clever, glib or even profound thoughts can arise. Just a fragile acceptance.

So trading issues must fall into insignificance in comparison with the ultimate reality of death, the only real sure-fire thing in life.

But for a moment perhaps we can relax, letting go of any intention, ego OR grasping.

And at least, perhaps for just a moment, we can see that any attitude of dominance, mastery or control is just an illusion ....

... and perhaps, for just a moment, we can savour a taste of true inner peace ... however fleeting.