TradeStation 2000i ®

Why do traders still use TradeStation 2000i ® when it is an old version (version 5.2 v.s. current 8.2), somewhat pricey, not exactly that easy to use and probably lacks the rather cool features available on the current versions of TradeStation ® or other commercial packages such as Wave59 enjoy?

I think the reason is because traders are practical people. If something is going to help give traders a trading edge then they are going to accept that edge.

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TradeStation ® (including 2000i) still has the best 3rd party indicator and trading system support available. It is still THE defacto standard in market data information mining. Practically all trading systems are written to run on TradeStation.

In new Millenium, Omega Research the company which wrote TradeStation did an unusual thing. They became a broker and renamed themselves TradeStation Technologies.

As a broker, they no longer sold TradeStation 2000i ® in the United States but re-wrote the software to support online ordering and only US market data.

For the rest of the world, TradeStation Technologies continues to sell 2000i through resellers. There are likely to be 3rd party vendors who can connect your local markets to 2000i.

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